Milk & friends

Home fragrances with sticks: Milk and friends


    Milk and Friends

    Milk and Friends is a collection of hypoallergenic home fragrances inspired by the world of milk, designed to bring joy and comfort with scents that evoke tastes and moments.

    Inspiration for the collection

    It was enough for Marcel Proust to dip a butter madeleine in his tea to release an emotion that brought him back to his childhood and started the whole cycle "In search of lost time".

    Milk and Friends was created to evoke the same sensations, to bring joy and comfort through scents that recall tastes and moments.

    A playful collection

    The desire to create a home fragrance brand inspired by the world of milk and encouraging happy memories arose in 2015.

    Those emotions that make you go back in time are what Milk and Friends is all about, a brand that combines the realm of the senses with hypoallergenic products for the love and well-being of even the little ones.

    From the sweet notes of Risolatte, Dulche de Leche, Berry Cookie and Apricot Dunk to the experiential scents of A Walk in the Vineyard and Under the Fig Tree.