Bel Rebel perfume bottle set
Bel Rebel perfume bottle set

Bel Rebel perfume bottle set

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We know choosing is a hard task. Bel Rebel’s discovery set features selection of 5 x 2ml vials in Mushroom Packaging pizza box to make it easier.

Each scent with its own distinctive profile, the five samples are linked through Bel Rebel’s identity: beauty subverted.

First set: Born to Rebel, Bubble Gum, Unrequited, Stunned, Peach Me

Second set: Born to Rebel, Bubble Gum, Rebel Soul, Unrequited, Air


Bel Rebel packaging

Bel Rebel’s sample set grows in Europe. Yes, that’s right, it grows. It’s made of agricultural waste and mycelium (which is a part of mushroom), which is fully compostable – you could literally throw it on the ground and it would be fine. We’d rather you choose the composter if you have access to one.

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Bel Rebel

The idea to establish Bel Rebel was born to a rebellious personality in a rebellious city. With the help of a rebel team, all Bel Rebel formulations are created in London and packaged in sustainable, custom-made packs made in the Netherlands from specially grown mycelium.

Freedom to create

Bel Rebel fragrance compositions create unique stories and challenge established standards. By choosing pleasant aromas, Bel Rebel combines them with unconventional components and makes them unfold in unexpected angles.

Origin of fragrances

Bel Rebel perfumes combine natural and synthetic molecules as a more sustainable option to create complex, deep scents.

The word "synthetic" creates the connotation that it is artificial or fake, but many molecules obtained in the laboratory have the same structure as their natural counterpart. Meanwhile, extracting the natural fragrance requires vast meadows full of flowers, tons of water, and grueling hours of labor. Therefore, sometimes the choice of synthetic molecules in the creation of perfumes is simply more protective of nature.