Coconut-canola wax candle Makahiki
Coconut-canola wax candle Makahiki
Coconut-canola wax candle Makahiki
Coconut-canola wax candle Makahiki
Coconut-canola wax candle Makahiki

Coconut-canola wax candle Makahiki

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TOP NOTES: benzoin resin, coconut milk
MIDDLE NOTES: coconut, sandalwood
BASE NOTES: cedar, tonka bean

180 g Burning time ~20 h

Makahiki handmade coconut-canola wax candle is an instantly mood-brightening duo of sweet coconut milk and sandalwood. The aroma makes you smile, relaxes, has a calming effect.

The candle is packed in a luxurious box, so it is perfect for a solid gift.

RUMBA candles - limited quantity handmade creations, in the production of which only pure vegetable wax and the highest quality natural essential and fragrance oils that meet the global IFRA standards are used. Candles emit an intense aroma, so they will appeal to fragrance connoisseurs. Contains no parabens or phthalates.

In the Hawaiian language, Makahiki represents the time of year between harvest and new sowing. According to the lunar calendar, Makahiki usually begins in November and lasts for four months. According to old Hawaiian traditions, during Makahiki people do not work, rest and celebrate.

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Hand made candles

RUMBA candles were born in the cold winter of 2020 out of love for experiments and coziness.

"Zero waste"

Being passionate for elegance, the main collection of RUMBA candles is hand poured into exclusive glass jars of luxurious design and premium quality, which you can keep as an interior decoration or use to keep small items after the candle is burnt. The Christmas candle collection is packed in luxurious velvet handmade bags.

Hand made creations

RUMBA candles are hand made creations of limited edition, produced using only 100% natural vegetable wax (soy, coconut-rapeseed or palm). The candles are perfumed using only highest quality essential and fragrance oils which are IFRA compliant without parabens or phtalates.