Perfume Le Pavillon d&
Perfume Le Pavillon d&
Perfume Le Pavillon d&
Perfume Le Pavillon d&

Perfume Le Pavillon d'Or

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TOP NOTES: Lemon Mint, Honeysuckle
 Sweet Boronia, Frankincense Resin, White Thyme Oil
 Oakmoss, Sandalwood

Fragrance category: woody, floral

Le Pavillon d'Or is inspired by a very human quest for happiness and inner peace, it evokes the sheer joy of serene self-confidence and peace of mind.

Le Pavillon d'Or was chosen by Fragrantica’s Editors as the “Best Perfumes of 2019”.

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Parfums Dusita

DUSITA extracts and scented waters are a fragrant tribute to the poetry of Pissara 'Ploi' Umavijani's father Montri Umavijani (1941-2006), the founder of the brand and perfumer.

Scents as poetry

The founders of Dusita are convinced that both poetry and scents are ideal tools to connect with others.

"We believe that both poetry and scents spark the imagination, lift the mood and elevate not only the senses but also the intellect."

Inspiration for the collection

Inspired by Montri Umavijani's joy of life and the inner peace conveyed by the divine aroma of Dusita, the fragrances in the collection invite you to enjoy earthly happiness and beauty.