Namų kvapas, dedikuotas Bankininkų ir finansininkų gildijai
Reed diffuser for the Guild of Bankers and money-changers

Reed diffuser for the Guild of Bankers and money-changers

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TOP NOTE: lime, tangerine, bergamot
MIDDLE NOTE: basil leaves, lilac, iris
thyme, vetiver, patchouli  

Sparkling and pungent like the passage of coins from one hand to another; the combination of mandarin orange and basil awakens the desire for great ideas and the risk of diving into something new and unknown in search of success.

Arte del Cambio (1202): The Florentines excelled in this activity, which consisted in exchanging the numerous foreign currencies with that of Florence (gold florin), in granting loans and in sending currency from one country to another by means of “letters of exchange”, a method which became widespread to safely transfer large amounts of money.

Recommended for: Kitchen | Entrance | Day Area | Night Area | Bathroom

(black sticks included)

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