Namų kvapo papildymas, dedikuotas Prekybininkų šilkais gildijai

Home fragrance refill for the Guild of Silk weavers and merchants

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TOP NOTE: raspberry, lily, citrus fruit cocktail
rose petals, magnolia, fig
lymph, fig leaves, precious woods  

Freshness of a lightweight and silky fabric which caresses the skin; thoughts and fantasies which evoke green gardens and light breezes that smell of freshly cut grass.

Arte della Seta (1248): Originally called “Arte di Por Santa Maria” due to its vicinity to the namesake city gate. Thanks to the increase in the production of fabrics and great expansion of trade, the association took the name of Arte della Seta. Its members worked silk drapes woven with gold, silver and every other colour.

Recommended for: Entrance | Day Area | Bathroom 

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