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Bel Rebel


    Bel Rebel

    Bel Rebel - unique, unusual and rebellious. This brand was founded by a rebellious man in a rebellious city with a rebellious team.

    Sign concept

    Sustainability, ethics, ecology - all this is about the products produced by Bel Rebel.

    BEL REBEL creates statements through extraordinary perfumery combinations. By trusting their intuition and ignoring trends, perfumers discover the most unusual combinations.

    Bel Rebel packaging

    Bel Rebel perfume packaging is produced in Holland. Yes, it's true, they are growing. They are made from agricultural waste and mycelium (which is part of the mushroom) and are fully compostable. You could literally throw the pack on the ground and it would fall apart. However, we suggest choosing a composter if you have access. You can also use a simple container. As the Bel Rebel packs grow each week, the numbers are adjusted according to needs without unnecessary excess.