Pierre Guillaume

Pierre Guillaume -  a perfumery born in the heart of the Auvergne Volcanic Regional Park.

Inspiration for the collection

The search for fragrances and the fragrance collection itself were inspired and motivated by the life of the founder Pierre Guillaume himself.

Fascinated by scents and later perfumes from an early age, Pierre Guillaume grew up in a family of chemists and from an early age collected essential oils and fragrances as a prelude to what would become his real job as a perfumer many years later.

Independent developer

The idea of Pierre Guillaume was born in 2010 when the company PIERRE GUILLAUME DIFFUSION was founded.

It was set up with production facilities: a composition studio, a raw materials cellar and a packaging line dedicated exclusively to the production of perfumes created by Pierre Guillaume.

Pierre Guillaume designs and produces his fragrances with complete creativity and financial freedom, in his own workshop and under his own name brand.