Why did we open Olfactory store?

The idea to open Olfactory store (latin olfacere – to smell) was born out of sacred passion for the aromatic art and the alchemy of its creation. Our ultimate goal is to find the hidden gems fermented in tiny glass jars and introduce them to the niche audience of adventurous olfactory explorers who do not want to smell like everybody else. At the same time, it gives us an excuse to travel, search and smell for ourselves, satisfying our unquenchable passion for fragrance.

Extraordinary compositions

Olfactory store is a place to explore the world of scent with a special focus on niche, haute parfumerie (Haute parfumerie), artisanal, (Artisan perfumery), indie (Indie) compositions that are not easily find on the shelves in big department stores.

We believe

We believe that every scent has a story and the beauty of the fragrance lies in the selection of rare and high quality raw materials, limited editions and olfactory creativity.


We pride ourselves on delivering original fine and home fragrances, scented candles, skincare products and many more – all of which have been meticulously designed by true connoisseurs of the scent. Every bottle contains a unique world contained under its cap and is full of mystery and emotions, which will bring the best in you and everything around you.

Dare to try

Dare to try.

Follow your nose. Differently from eyes and ears, nose never lies.

Our retail store

Užupio str. 24 (Jonas Mekas Draught Alley) Vilnius, LT-01203.

I - closed

II - VII 11:00 - 19:00

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