Kvepalai Eclat de Joie

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VIRŠUTINĖS NATOS: mandarinas, kalendra, juodasis pipiras
VIDURINĖS NATOS: vilkdalgis, jazminas, galbanas
BAZINĖS NATOS: vetiverija, muskusas

Kvapo kategorija: medienos, citrusinis

Aromatas prasideda citrusinėmis natomis, kurios duoda toną jaudinančiai kelionei. Juntamas prieskonių ir švelnių baltųjų gėlių žaismas, po kurio nusidriekia prabangus muskuso šydas, apgaubiantis jus tarsi antroji oda. 

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Plume Impression

PLUME IMPRESSION Paris is the fruit of Sabina and Gabriel's creation, in which the passionate connection of two opposites merges into a love story. Therefore, it is not surprising that Sabina chose the wonderfully soft but strong feather as the main symbol of this artistic brand.

The power of the feather

No restrictions, no boundaries. Guided by such thoughts, the feather discovers exotic, romantic places and enters into unexpected encounters in the wonderful world of scents.

"We use not only our sense of smell, but also our thoughts to perceive smells. It evokes vivid memories in our subconscious', so there's a little secret inside the packaging that allows you to keep precious moments closer to your heart."