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Fine fragrance HUNQ
Fine fragrance HUNQ
Fine fragrance HUNQ

Fine fragrance HUNQ #005 – Mechanic

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TOP NOTE: red thyme
petit grain, violet base
ambroxan, iso e super, patchouli, styrax, tobacco

Archetype: tough, raw and butch

He is the only one who can make filth smell so obscenely arousing, provocative as it may sound.
A mix of greased lightning and pheromones to make you lose control.

Imagined in Amsterdam | Bottled in Grasse | Made in France

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HUNQ is a conceptual and provocative niche perfume brand, designed to surprise and impress. It was founded in 2021 in Amsterdam.

What does a man smell like?

If you’ve learned anything from your chemistry classes in high school, it would be that contact between two chemical substances can create a reaction. A reaction triggered by smell can ignite desire, excitement and even transcends time as we know it.

HUNQ’s founder and creator, Hyun Yeu, was on the hunt for men's ultimate scents and simply bottling it up. But what does a man smell like? And if it's kind of smelly, would I wear it? Yes, you would and you will.

"We fantasize about certain types of guys, and we imagine their scents. It's all about the chemistry". Ant that's where pheromones come in.

"Archetype" collection

Hyun's search for the scents of the "Archetype" male was fuelled and ignited by his own recollection of smells of people, objects, first dates and the neverending array of perfume ingredients.

Not your traditional mixture of ingredients, but ever so surprisingly delicious.

A process that has so far created five fascinating beautiful scents. An endless study, with more yet to come. And not just for men, for women too.