Kvepalai Moon Sigh
Kvepalai Moon Sigh
Kvepalai Moon Sigh
Fine fragrance Moon Sigh

Fine fragrance Moon Sigh

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TOP NOTE: bergamot, elemi-gum, rosmary, pine
MIDDLE NOTE: coffee, geranium, floral, papyrus
BASE NOTE: vetiver, moss, patchouli, leather

The body tingles. The eyes, wide open. We enter a dreamlike world of fleeting shadows while mellow sounds caress our senses. Moon Sigh is the fragrance that makes you wander on the rim between illusion and reality, like a sleepless night that entrances you in slowness and drifty restlessness all at the same time. In the Eau de Parfum Moon Sigh, an intense variety of exquisite woods come together to create a captivating fragrance. 

Bergamot, rosemary, pine and elemi-gum combine for a fresh, spicy top note that touches our senses first, like the bright halo of the rising moon. At the heart, a beguiling coffee note, a promise of morning, while herb-floral notes of geranium and papyrus plant evoke the day as a hazy memory. The base note of vetiver, moss, patchouli, and leather bring you back into the mystique of the night. 

Moon Sigh is a flood of emotions exhaled as a deep sigh into the night sky. Solemn and beautifully melancholic like a full moon night.

Fragrance family: woody, floral

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Atelier Oblique

Atl. OBLIQUE is a Berlin based luxury perfume house founded by Mario Lombardo in 2016.
The collection includes luxurious perfume compositions and handmade scented candles.

The invisible language of scents and the craft that accompanies it, represent the guiding theme of the brand. Atl. OBLIQUEDeep-seated in the here and now with a classic heart the fragrances of Atl. OBLIQUE are not only a window onto our history but a deep breath of the present and a dance with the unknown.

Olfactory compositions

Looking for new ways of expression, Mario Lombardo created Atl. OBLIQUE to preserve his life journey and memories as olfactory notes.

The name OBLIQUE is taken from the French typography expression for italic, which links the brand with Lombardo’s design roots. He chose to launch a scented candle collection following the alphabet to give every letter an olfactory heart.

From this starting point Atl. OBLIQUE evolved to an internationally known boutique artisanal perfume house with a signature look, linking modern German design with the poetic and high class French perfume art.

The scent of luxury

Craftmanship, high-quality ingredients, and outstanding design. The niche perfume house Atl. Oblique not only composes its fragrances in France but also produces all collections in Germany. Following a purely »perfumistic« approach, all scented candles are composed with a top, middle, and base note.

Fine papers, hand poured wax, hand painted glasses, and fragrances with an aura, make these candles classics of our time. The unisex Eau de Parfums line continous this luxurious path with unique compositions, small batch production and remarkable packaging.