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L'Essence de L'Explorance – YVRA 1991

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TOP NOTES: petit grain, Calabrian bergamot, rosemary, lemon
lavender, geranium, cardamom, cypress
BASE NOTES: oakmoss, vetiver, amber, cedarwood, sandalwood

L’Essence de L’Explorance is the fifth and latest fragrance of the YVRA house. With a powerful, exciting and aromatic fougère character, L’Essence de L’Explorance stimulates the senses with an original and invigorating fragrance. YVRA 1991 is a testament to sophistication and invites us to let out our inner dandy.

1991 is a reference to the year in which the World Wide Web was introduced. Both the packaging and the bottle are beautifully finished with references to our digital dependence. In the last year and a half especially, because of COVID-19, computers and smartphones were our lifelines to the outside world. YVRA 1991 is an antidote to life online. The fragrance harks back to times before 1991, the era of independence from the digital and online world. Back in the day we travelled and explored based on our own knowledge, intuition and senses. YVRA 1991 links up with our pre-digital heritage. YVRA 1991 offers a firm and refreshing overture thanks to bergamot, petit grain and rosemary. After about an hour and a half this is transcended by a warm dry down, thanks to ingredients like oakmoss, cedarwood, sandalwood and amber. The new fragrance perfectly fits the existing range of YVRA products. It’s more powerful than 1958, more transparent than 1979 and commercially more attractive than the heavy niche scents 1965 and 1500.

YVRA 1991 is packed in a mouse-grey box designed as a visual incentive to digitally detach ourselves. The sides are finished in WiFi symbols showing no reception. The only WiFi symbol with reception is crossed out. When opening the box, you will see portraits of the three leading men of our online life: Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs. Their portraits also bear a red cross with which the tone has been set. In the box itself, when lifting the bottle, the apotheosis of the packaging design follows. But this experience you will have to undergo yourself.

Fragrance family: aromatic fougère

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Contains hints of Queen, David Bowie and Lou Reed.

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