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Fine Fragrance L'Essence de Présence – YVRA 1979

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TOP NOTES: lemon oil, bergamot, fleur d’oranger
MIDDLE NOTES: pepper oil, cardamom, cedarwood
guaiac wood, patchouli, tonka beans

Eighteen months after the successful international launch of the scent YVRA 1958 L’Essence de l’Essence, Yvo van Regteren Altena presented in 2017 his second long-anticipated fragrance: YVRA 1979 L’Essence de Présence. In his second scent, the headier timbre of woody and aromatic ingredients conjures up a very different mood. It shares its predecessor’s originality and elegance, with the addition of a warmer, more potent, mysterious undertone. 

The fragrance is Yvo's dreamy reflection of the year 1979 when he lived in Florence. A year in which everything came together: a love affair, an eye for elegance and the appreciation for high-quality raw materials that are indispensable for a perfect perfume as for a good dish. Top notes are lemon, black pepper; middle notes are patchouli and cedarwood and base notes are amber, moss and musk. L’essence de Présence is warmer and more powerful; it is both elegant and comforting. 

YVRA 1979 is reminiscent of the classic perfumes with a European flair, that dominated the end of the last century. It’s a woody, mysterious and sophisticated fragrance with a long-lasting capacity. YVRA 1979 strives to offer an alternative in a world dominated by synthetic fragrances that induce a hasty departure in place of a passionate embrace. YVRA 1979 contains a number of high-quality selected ingredients. It’s an invitingly fragrance, thanks to the mix of patchouli, pepper and mystical woody notes. After an opening cord of bergamot and vétiver, the fragrance will reveal it’s elegant and warm cords of cedar- and Guaiac wood. The tempting thing about this lively and mysterious long-lasting formula, is that both women and men around the globe love to wear it.

Fragrance family: oriental, woody

Spotify playlist
Want to feel the mood of L'Essence de Présence? Check the Spotify playlist.
Contains hints of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

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