Perfume Nabati
Perfume Nabati
Perfume Nabati
Perfume Nabati

Perfume Nabati

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TOP NOTES : Cardamom, Saffron, Davana, Ambrette, Sea Salt, Rum
MIDDLE NOTES: Cedriris Fusion, Moroccan Rose, Aquatic Accord
BASE NOTES : Patchouli, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Moss, Cistus Labdanum

Fragrance category: oriental

Also known as "the people's poetry" and "Bedouin poetry", Nabati has a long heritage. Nabati is the vernacular Arabic poetry that stems from the Arabic dialects of the Arabian Peninsula. “In the darkness, among the undulating dunes, illuminated by the carpet of stars that adorned the sky with a milky light, a fire crackled, cutting the silence of the desert. The flame danced sinuously, inviting the celestial bodies to descend and join in its shimmering dance. The fallen comet thus called to the other stars that were dazzlingly spinning in a sublime luminous cascade, lighting up the night”

Nabati - a smoke fragrance, dry and woody, composed of a refined texture that opens with an exotic head of cardamom and saffron, enriched by precious notes of davana and amber, with hints of sea salt. The heart of water chord and Moroccan rose, enveloped by an infusion of cedar and iris, sits harmoniously on the amber base of patchouli, vetiver and cedarwood that shares its delicate scents of vanilla, oud and leather.

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Astrophil & Stella

Astrophil & Stella - a cosmic love story from Italy - for you.


it is a cosmic love story between a proud, determined and dreamy mortal and an incomprehensible, beautiful and energetic deity, told through perfume.

This love unites earth and sky with its charm and fragrance. The source of inspiration for her and Astrophil & Stella fragrances is the classic 16th century. a poem where Astrophilus is in love with a star, Stella is his star.

Luxury in a package

Perfume bottles produced near Venice, world famous as one of the best places for glass production, reproduce the shape of a "gem" or a "meteor fallen from the sky".

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