Perfume Paris Chéri
Perfume Paris Chéri
Perfume Paris Chéri
Perfume Paris Chéri

Perfume Paris Chéri

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TOP NOTES : Bergamot oil Italy, Cardamom oil Guatemala, Pink berries oil Peru, Cinnamon leaf oil China
MIDDLE NOTES : Coffee abs, Cocoa abs, Lily of the valley, Hedione HC, Orris note, Heliotrope
BASE NOTES : Cedarwood oil Virginia, Cistus abs Spain, Ambroxan, Gourmand note, Tonka bean abs, Benzoin res, Vanilla, Ambrette


Fragrance category: floral

The last stars were shining on the whiteness of the Sacré-Cœur, while a puff pastry half-moon gently rested behind the hill of Montmartre and the magic of dawn peeked through the dreamy rooftops of Paris. The viennoiseries were already spreading their dainty and delicious aroma along the sleeping boulevards and encircling the whole city in a lively and fragrant morning embrace.

Paris Chéri - an energetic aroma of coffee and cocoa defines the spirited personality of this fragrance, sweet-ened by exhilarating notes of vanilla. Intense flavours of wood and resin support the spicy aromas of cinnamon leaf and cardamom oil, among floral nuances and arboreal berries that give the perfume a joyful freshness..

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Astrophil & Stella

Astrophil & Stella - a cosmic love story from Italy - for you.


it is a cosmic love story between a proud, determined and dreamy mortal and an incomprehensible, beautiful and energetic deity, told through perfume.

This love unites earth and sky with its charm and fragrance. The source of inspiration for her and Astrophil & Stella fragrances is the classic 16th century. a poem where Astrophilus is in love with a star, Stella is his star.

Luxury in a package

Perfume bottles produced near Venice, world famous as one of the best places for glass production, reproduce the shape of a "gem" or a "meteor fallen from the sky".

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