Perfume Rosendo Mateu NO 3
Perfume Rosendo Mateu NO 3
Perfume Rosendo Mateu NO 3

Perfume Rosendo Mateu NO 3

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TOP NOTES: citrus bergamot, neroli essential oil, leather iris
MIDDLE NOTES: leather iris, damask rose, jasmine flowers
BASE NOTES: sandalwood, vetiver, amber cashmere, tonka bean, vanilla, white musk

Fragrance category: woody

NO 3 perfume - exudes elegance, sensuality and an intense feminine note when nurturing women's skin. But it also represents an attractive masculine accent that is comfortable and elegant for men to wear: a unisex perfume close to perfection.

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Rosendo Mateu

Rosendo Mateu - fragrances are created by authentic perfumery masters, of which there are 15-20 around the world. Their ambition is to pass on the art of perfumery.

Sign values


The customer is given a feeling of special quality and prestige. Image and status that together make these products desirable.

High quality raw materials

For its collections, the brand uses the best and highest quality raw materials around the world.


45 years of experience working with the world's most influential perfumers.


Rosendo mateu is a family brand. Mr. Rosendo Mateu and his son Joan jointly develop all aspects of the brand.

First and Black Collection

The brand concept consists of two perfume collections - First Collection and Black Collection .

First Collection - the very first collection of Rosendo Mateu, which gave meaning to his brand. The collection consists of 6 perfumes that can be used inseparably by men and women.

The exquisite design of the bottle and packaging, guided by the craftsman himself, completes the whole experience perfectly. An impeccable product from the hands of a man who has dedicated his whole life to the world of perfumes.

Rosendo Mateu and his son Joan thought of creating the "Black" collection in order to move the brand to a higher segment of perfumery after the success of the first collection 1 to 6.

This collection consists of three fragrances with a concentration of 25% and created from carefully selected raw materials from around the world. Bulgarian rose, Lao Oud and incense heart are the main notes of this prestigious collection.

The Black collection comes with a special black bottle, a detailed zamak cap and a UV 3D black packaging that protects the perfume from sunlight, created exclusively for the brand.