Home fragrance with sticks Makahiki

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TOP NOTES: benzoin resin, coconut milk
MIDDLE NOTES: coconut, sandalwood
BASE NOTES: cedar, tonka bean

200 ml The set includes black sticks

Makahiki home fragrance sticks are an instantly mood-brightening duo of sweet coconut milk and sandalwood. The aroma makes you smile, relaxes, has a calming effect.

The home fragrance with black sticks is packed in a luxurious box, making it perfect for a solid gift.

RUMBA home fragrances are limited-edition, high-class handmade creations made using only vegan, exceptionally clean materials.

Home fragrances use the innovative Augeo® base made from renewable sources. This ensures product sustainability and good aroma diffusion.

All products are perfumed with fragrance oils that meet global IFRA standards and are based on natural essential oils. All fragrances are free of parabens, phthalates, carcinogens, toxins and other dangerous substances, so RUMBA creations are safe for everyone who enjoys them.

Hawaiian language Makahiki marks the time of year from harvest to new sowing. According to the lunar calendar, Makahiki usually starts in November and lasts for four months. According to old Hawaiian traditions, Makahiki during which people do not work, rest and celebrate.

Recommended areas: hallway | website | bath

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