L'Essence de L'Automobile - YVRA 1965 Screen wash

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YVRA 1965 Screen wash - L'Essence de L'Automobile is a perfumed screenwash which will give spoiled drivers a brief but very delicate sensation of an ultra-fresh summer breeze in their car.

Millions of liters of chemical windscreen washer fluid flow over our highways every year. YVRA 1965 gives the ecological answer with both an eco-friendly and delicious smelling wiper fluid.

Weary of screen washes that are crammed with a harsh synthetic smell, this luxurious screen wash won’t assault your senses with chemical scents, but will invigorate your four-wheeler with the delicate, spring breeze freshness of YVRA 1965, which was dedicated to Porfirio Rubirosa who was a jet set pioneer, charmer, race car driver and a talented polo player. He was the most famous playboy of the 20th century, widely seen to be in the same class as Don Juan and Casanova and was married to the two richest women in the world.

The screen wash comes with an eye-catching 2500 ml jerrycan with the words: L’Essence de l’Automobile. If you love your car, only the best is good enough.

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YVRA is a niche Dutch perfumery brand founded by Yvo Van Regteren Altena, born in 1958.
Upon his 6th birthday, Yvo realized he had an exceptional sense of smell. When he turned 18, the famous perfumery company IFF offered him a job as a perfumer in New York. Instead, Yvo chose to become a professional cellist and studied at the Florence Conservatory. However, after suffering an injury to his left arm, he decided to turn his career in another direction and began studying law. Yvo later became a journalist, writing mainly about the world of scents and lifestyle.

The world of scent

For more than 30 years, Yvo has traveled the world and documented everything that describes good taste, a decadent lifestyle and the secrets of the world of perfume.

While traveling, he met the world's most famous perfumers and was impressed by their desire to create enchanting fragrance combinations. After a career as a journalist, during which Yvo traveled the world more than 36 times, one dream remained unfulfilled: instead of writing about perfume, he wanted to create his own.

Exceptional compositions

Famous perfumers, including Jean-Claude Ellena from Hermès and François Demachy from Dior and Acqua di Parma, encouraged him to create his own fragrance.

Inspired by the two famous "noses" Yvo designed his first fragrance - YVRA 1958 l’Essence de l'Essence. The perfumer in known for his extravagant and bold style, creating both perfumes and exclusive compositions for home fragrances and other high-quality olfactory works.