Parfums Dusita

Parfums Dusita



    Parfums Dusita

    DUSITA - extracts and perfumes are a fragrant tribute to the poetry of Montri Umavijani (1941-2006), father of the founder and perfumer Pissara ‚Ploi' Umavijani.

    Smells like poetry

    The founders of Dusita believe that both poetry and scents are ideal tools for finding connection with others.

    "We believe that both poetry and scents stimulate the imagination, lift the mood and elevate not only the senses, but also the intellect."


    Inspired by Montri Umavijani 's joy of life and inner peace conveyed by the divine aroma of Dusita, the fragrances of the collection invite you to enjoy earthly happiness and beauty.