HUNQ - conceptual and provocative perfumers from Amsterdam, started in 2021, aiming to surprise and delight.

What does a man smell like?

Have you ever wondered what a man smells like?

HUNQ founder Hyun Yeu studied
main men's fragrances and decided to "bottle" them into perfume bottles.

“We analyze certain types of guys and how they smell. After all, it's all pheromones, chemistry."

Archetype Collection

The search for scents for the Archetype men's fragrance collection was inspired and motivated by the acquaintances and experiences of the founder of HUNQ himself.

You won't find traditional combinations in this collection, but the perfume compositions are incredibly engaging, mesmerizing, even addictive.

It seems that pheromones are doing their thing and no one will be able to resist this "chemistry"!