JURLIQUE is a holistic and conscious beauty ritual created using the life force of nature. 


Power of Nature

Since 1985, in harmony with nature, on a biodynamic farm in South Australia, botanical plants have been grown, cultivated and hand-picked in a way that preserves their life energy.

The power of the plants is enhanced through the exclusive Bio-Intrinsic* extraction method, combined with cutting-edge technology to create effective skin care.

JURLIQUE products offer unique sensations that excite your skin, mind and body.

*Certified by the Australian National Sustainable Agriculture Association.


High-value ingredients

JURLIQUE cosmetics use a wide range of sustainably grown ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, rose, calendula, marigolds, mullein, horseradish root, yarrow, tricolour pansy, and a multitude of other extracts and oils, all of which are effective in helping to improve the skin.