What is neurocosmetics?

Kas yra neurokosmetika?

Neuro-cosmetics is an innovative branch in the beauty industry based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience.

Growing scientific evidence shows that due to the direct contact with the skin’s cells cosmetic product transmits information to the central nervous system and thus stimulates changes in our skin. The smell, texture and color of the product affects our mood centers in the brain and has an impact on our emotional well-being. Meanwhile, the neuroactive ingredients in the cosmetic products act by modulating certain receptors and stimulate the release of biologically active substances locally.

The effect of these substances is undeniable: decreased level of stress hormone cortisol, increased level of pain-reducing hormone beta-endorphin, activated synthesis of collagen and inhibited inflammatory processes of the skin. The result is reduced muscle tension and wrinkles, moisture balance and strong, radiant skin, protected from external factors.

The most important goal of neurocosmetic developers is to discover those neuroactive ingredients. Some of them already proved to be effective: hemp, phytobioactive algae, copaiba oleoresin, Tephrosia purpurea, extracts of frankincense, Rhodiola rosea root and Japanese plant ashitaba.

Why only a few substances have these astonishing brain-stimulating properties? The question remains unanswered. Although the neurological physiology of the skin is very complex, attempts to use the discoveries of the neuroscience to improve the quality of the skin opens up a wide range of possibilities.