Luce di Sorrento

Luce di Sorrento




    Luce di Sorrento is italian niche brand of functional neurocosmetics neurokosmetikos

    The formulas contain 100% natural active ingredients and are free of petrolatum, silicones, dyes, perfumes, preservatives and parabens. The line is also dermatologically tested, Nickel tested and Gluten-free.

    Inspired by nature

    Luce di Sorrentowas born from the history of the founder's - Giovanna Adelizzi - family who has been passionately dedicated since 1923 to the cultivation of Sorrento lemon, believing that the true secret of beauty lies precisely in nature. Luce di Sorrento is a unique project that combines research, territory and innovation.


    Luce di Sorrento has createdLemonLux®– an extraordinary blend of science and nature made of the Sorrento lemon essential oil and the extra virgin olive oil PDO from Peninsula Sorrentina, rare and precious ingredients able to slow down time and aging. These ingredients, combined with sea water and powerful active ingredients, regenerate the skin in depth.